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Cellphones have become an essential part of our life these days. It may not be exaggerating if we say that they are just another part of our body in the current scenario. They are almost permanently with us with our fingers typing or searching for one or another thing, with our eyes continuously watching the screen. And in this process, texting had taken place for human voice, emotions & mindset. Major reason being the smileys, expressions, & the images associated with it. And the most exiting form of texting, which most of us like to do is sexual texting or which is called “Sexting” in today's terms. Sexting can be of any form. It can be as simple as a bodily expression of kissing, hugging or licking, a double meaning comment or message, any sexual, abusive or vulgar humor, or any form of sexually implicit images. Most of us find it most exiting when we do it with our friends or colleagues. But it becomes even more exiting when done with a person with opposite sex. And especially if you like that person or you are in relationship with him, it serves an excellent opportunity for bringing him closer to you. But most of us are scared to start sexting with the person with whom you are in relationship. The major fear being, if he is not that kind of person who likes sexting, then it may ruin your relationship with him. But truly speaking, there is no need of fearing. Only need is to understand the level of your partner. There are few steps by which you can introduce sexting in our relationship. Step by step you can enjoy the excitement of sexual talks through texting.

One should start by sending expressions like kissing, hugging etc. followed by little vulgar expressions like middle finger, licking etc. If he starts replying you with these symbols, your first level is clear. Then seek an opportunity to divert text to double meaning talks. You have to pick some of his words, which may have double meaning, so that he'll found himself in trap & reply to you with another double meaning conversation. If you are not able to find that, throw some words, which he would like to pick & reply to you. This is your second level passed. Then you should share few double meaning jokes with him.

free sextexting

There are plenty of jokes available on web which can be simply copy pasted. This way, both of you will start sharing double meaning humor. Then in the next level, you can start sending explicit sex messages full of sexual content with whatever language you want, & whatever expressions you want. Then you can very freely share images of sexual content with all the porn images & humor. Once you reach this level, it will also give boost to your relationship in terms of openness with each other not only during texting but also during your dates.This way step by step approach will give you a sense, how acceptable your partner is to your sexting. You will not only enjoy this exiting form of sexting but also bring happiness to your relationships due to the frankness you will feel between both of you. So make sexting as an essential part of your relations & enjoy the world of virtual sex through your cellphone.

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